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Health benefits of lemonade for body, skin & hair

by Brian Hampton
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If you want to lose weight and make your skin look better, drink lemon water! “Lemon” is an amazing fruit that not only helps your body with nutrients and antioxidants, but also makes you healthy. Lemon water has the effect of allowing the body to excrete waste and soothe skin problems, etc. It is absolutely no problem to rely on lemon water to loose weight, so hurry up and drink more!

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The benefits of lemon water for the body:

Vitamin C

Lemon water is rich in vitamin C, which can improve the body’s immunity, and can even fight against viruses and bacterial attacks. If you can drink lemonade often, you will be less likely to get sick.

High protein content

Lemon is rich in potassium, which can stimulate the function of the entire central nervous system. In addition, lemon also has the effect of controlling free radicals, promoting blood cell formation and regulating blood pressure, etc. In short, lemon water can protect you from the effects of physical diseases.

Maintain PH balance

Although lemon is a citrus fruit, it has the effect of balancing the body’s pH value. If you can drink lemon water regularly, it can effectively neutralize the body’s pH value.

Improve cardiovascular health

Lemon is also very beneficial to the cardiovascular system, as the antioxidants in lemon can inhibit the adverse effects of toxins or harmful free radicals. In addition, the potassium in lemons can also reduce mental stress and slowly control heart problems.

Relieve respiratory problems

Drinking more lemon water can also gradually relieve some of the respiratory discomfort.

Improve kidney function

Lemon is also a natural diuretic, which can increase the frequency of urination and maintain the health of the kidneys, and drinking more lemon water can also eliminate toxins from the body and clear up waste!

Soothes indigestion

The first thing to remember is that lemon water must be very light, if you drink too much lemon water for a long time, it will cause a burden on your body. Just squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into warm water and drink it daily to improve indigestion and make bowel movements smoother.

Natural detoxification

If you want to be healthy, you need to get rid of the toxins in your body! Drinking lemon water can purify your blood and maintain a healthy body.

Helps to lose weight

Fresh lemon water is a boon to those who want to be thin! Lemon water can quickly burn fat and control appetite. It is better to soak lemon in warm water than ice water, which is very suitable for weight loss. You can also add some honey to the lemon water to get even better weight loss effect!

Super strong antibacterial agent

Drinking lemon water can detoxify and relieve the symptoms of fever such as sore throat.

Promote oral health

Lemon water also maintains oral health, even if you have severe bad breath, lemon water can also save you!

Benefits of lemon water for the skin:


Lemon can also be considered as a natural antioxidant, which can fight against harmful free radicals and remove them completely from the body.

Helps to cleanse the skin

In addition to free radicals, lemon water can also remove toxic substances from the blood, so that the skin can maintain a glowing appearance; vitamin C rich lemon can help restore the health of the facial skin and reduce the chance of age spots.

Eliminate acne and acne marks

You can drink a glass of lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach (but remember to dilute it) to achieve the effect of treating acne, and drinking more lemon water can also gradually lighten acne marks.

The benefits of lemon water for hair:

Stimulate hair growth

Lemon water has long been regarded as “natural hair conditioner” to maintain the health of the hair roots and hair follicles, which in turn makes the hair stronger, can also promote hair growth.

Treatment of dry scalp and dandruff problems

The antioxidants in lemon are very useful for “scalp”, and drinking more lemon water can treat dry scalp and dandruff problems.

Prevent greasy

Oily hair people are saved! Drinking more lemon water can reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands in the scalp, thus preventing hair follicle blockage.

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